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Progressive Services Inc. has the staff, equipment, and skills to fulfill your commercial roofing requests. Our company offers full-service workmanship that is done to the highest standards to ensure your satisfaction.

Roofing Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

You can avoid costly damages from leaky roofs with our assistance. We do roofing repair, installation, and maintenance that ensure the integrity of your building's roof.


We have experience with all types of roofing projects. From municipal buildings to industrial facilities, we have the skills and experience to complete your requested job.

Serving the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1984.
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About Progressive Services, Inc.

Progressive Services, Inc. began operations as a commercial roofing and sheet metal contracting company in 1984. Based out of Dover, Pennsylvania, the company began to build relationships with building owners and general contractors throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Company founder Larry Toot has been involved in the roofing industry since 1960 and was instrumental in installing some of the first single-ply roofing systems manufactured by Carlisle SynTec Systems™.

With over 50 years of experience, Larry is still actively involved in the daily operations of the company. His expert craftsmanship is also evident in the custom sheet metal fabrications he produces from our state-of-the-art equipment for each project. With quality and customer satisfaction as cornerstones of the business, Progressive Services, Inc. looks forward to many years of continued service in our industry.

Roofing Services

Improve your building and add value to it with roofing repair, installation, and maintenance from Progressive Services Inc. of Dover, Pennsylvania. Call us at 717-764-1421 to discuss your roofing needs.

Progressive Services, Inc. handles both existing and new construction of all sizes in a variety of fields. We install and service low and steep-slope roofing and exterior wall panel applications for commercial retail buildings; detention facilities and government/public work; industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing facilities; office buildings and financial institutions; educational and recreational facilities; hospital and health care campuses; and religious institutions.

Carlisle ESP Contractor Recognition Program

Each year Carlisle SynTec Systems recognizes a small percentage of its Authorized Applicator network with the ESP (Excellence in Single-Ply) distinction, honoring those dedicated to maintaining the highest roofing standards.

Progressive Services, Inc. is a member of this elite group of contractors. This means we have exceeded Carlisle's standards for customer service, timely deliveries and quality applications. Since the program's inception in 1998, we proudly pronounce Progressive Services, Inc. has been awarded ESP status every single year.

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Carlisle Hall of Fame

Progressive Services, Inc. has installed and warranted over 26 million square feet of Carlisle SynTec Systems single-ply roofing. We have also completed over 800 'Perfect 10' installations as judged by Carlisle's rigorous final inspection process.

This establishes our company as a distinguished member of Carlisle SynTec Systems' Hall of Fame. There are only a small percentage of contractors in the United States and Canada that have achieved this standard of highest quality and volume.

carlise applicator hallfame

Roofing Repair & Maintenance

Having a roof problem? We have skilled technicians capable of evaluating your roof and assessing the situation. PSI can provide a comprehensive, site-specific report with recommendations and correlating cost estimates.

We can then review the report in-house or on-site for thorough understanding. This knowledge will empower the building owner to make informed decisions about facility conditions and expenditures.

The roof may or may not be under warranty, but needs some repair. Addressing repairs when needed ensures maximum long-term performance of your roofing system. If not addressed, simple problems may be exacerbated by seasonal environmental factors.

Autumn debris may be causing poor drainage. Spring rains that don't drain quickly can cause water to infiltrate at a damaged or deteriorated roof area. Debris removal and flashing repair may be all that is necessary to minimize further water damage and keep the system performing well long-term.

Maybe the roof is older and could benefit from more extensive TLC. Often a small investment now in repairs and preventative maintenance is just a fraction of the cost to re-roof. Repair and maintenance can postpone the need for a much larger investment of total replacement. It also gives the building owner an opportunity to budget for such expenditure.

When a new roof is the only reasonable option, we can discuss the facility needs, expectations, and cost parameters to develop the best solution possible. With decades of roofing experience, PSI can offer sound advice and competitive solutions. We can then complete the installation with quality products and outstanding workmanship.

Whatever the need, we can partner with you to assess and resolve your facility's roofing issues. Contact Progressive Services, in Dover, Pennsylvania, for services that give your property added weather protection.


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    Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore, MD

    On a summer day, the Steelight sunscreen is a welcome feature of the Oriole’s vintage-style ballpark. Cooperation was essential when so many trades are working at once with a tight work schedule. And with even tighter surroundings, coordination was also vital to this unique installation – along with a helicopter.

    This complex installation was no ‘walk in the park.’ Every project with a tight work schedule and multiple trades on-site requires much coordination and cooperation. That was expertly achieved in this beautiful yet complicated application. The 61,000 sf overhead sunscreen enjoyed by fans is a Steelight Panel System. Due to very limited access, a crane just wasn’t an option at this job site. So the panels were placed via helicopter- a uniquely creative solution. Our competent team of thoroughly trained professionals completed the install, ensuring optimum performance. Other low-slope roofing within the facility utilizes Carlisle SynTec Adhered EPDM systems as well.

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    Mandarin Oriental Hotel Washington, DC.

    The Mandarin Oriental Hotel with its Petersen Redi-Roof metal mansard is a beautiful addition to the Washington DC landscape. But given the surroundings, safety was a key element to this installation. PSI achieves high safety standards while never compromising on the finished project.

    This premier landmark of Washington D.C. is a 9-story high structure showcasing mansard style Petersen Redi-Roof Batten Metal Panels with a Carlisle Syn-Tec Ballasted EPDM low-slope roof behind. This project offered extreme work challenges typical to a confined urban and marine surrounding within a bustling business and tourist locale. Safety is paramount in roofing and was clearly a critical component of this project. PSI maintains an excellent safety record and strives to achieve OSHA and state safety requirements for every project. We work to develop site-specific safety plans to meet the unique challenges of the job wherever it may be.

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    Armed Forces Medical Examiner Facility Dover Air Force Base, DE

    PSI is pleased to install and service a variety of public and private sector projects. Environmental concerns are playing a greater role in design and construction for both. As LEED compliance becomes more common, we provide capability and experience with paperwork and products to achieve these requirements.

    The challenge with LEED projects, and often government work in general, is the paperwork more than the field work. From MSDS to safety plans, security clearances to certifications, we’ve got it covered. We are capable of meeting LEED requirements with metal and single-ply through steep-slope, low-slope, and vertical applications. We are experienced in providing the supporting documentation required to be sure roofing and/or exterior wall panels properly contribute toward LEED totals. Here, 63,400 sf of Merchant & Evans Zip-Rib Metal Panels possess important recycle content as well as Energy Star compliance with colors meeting SRI standards.

    The Carlisle SynTec Adhered PVC is highly reflective and energy efficient, enjoying both Energy Star qualifications and LEED credits. Finally, Benchmark Designwall insulated wall panels add to the energy efficiency of the facility also offering multiple LEED credits. PSI is proud to have contributed significantly to this LEED design with such quality products. The result is a distinguished, ‘green’ facility worthy of servicing our country’s finest soldiers.

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    WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation HospitalYork, PA

    PSI offers expert workmanship with a variety of products. Our capabilities include custom and pre-fabricated work in an array of wall panels and metal roof panels, all are accessory components and membrane roofing. This WellSpan facility incorporated all those elements for an impressive finished product.

    This new construction project had it all- protean 1/8” custom-made aluminum plate wall panels, 61,500 of Berridge Cee-Lock metal roof panels, membrane roofing, 15’ high screen wall, underlayment, snow rail, custom gutter & downspout, etc. The 46,000 sf Carlisle SynTech Adhered TPO membrane roofs have over 300 penetrations and multiple trade foot traffic on them. The finale was an electronic leak test upon completion. PSI is able to handle a variety of quality products to provide a beautiful look and outstanding long-term performance.

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    Camp Hill Mall Camp Hill, PA

    When combining new construction with existing structures, there can be competing needs and expectations of both property managers and general contractors. PSI can work through job-site conditions to develop balanced solutions to meet the needs of both sides.

    PSI is responsive to both property managers’ and general contractors’ needs where re-roofing and renovation work is involved too. Here, the Petersen Snap-Clad Metal Panels provided a fresh aesthetic and continuity to the renovated facade. The Carlisle SynTec Adhered EPDM and Mechanically Fastened TPO Systems applied to the low-slope areas quickly kept the buildings dry during both critical interior renovations and new construction. PSI also maintained minimal disruption to ongoing retail functions at adjacent stores. For us and our customers, these systems offer excellent quality while staying within budget and on schedule.

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    Giant Food Stores Various Locations

    PSI is licensed in multiple states so our service territory is widespread. This uniquely benefits clients with multiple facilities throughout the mid-Atlantic region, like Giant Food Stores.

    We have had the opportunity to install dozens of Weis, Martin’s, Genuardi’s and Giant Food Store roofs throughout the mid-Atlantic region. These grocery chains appreciate the outstanding longevity and performance benefits of using high quality roofing products at their facilities. PSI installs and services metal and membrane roofing on these stores and many other businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C. Often subsequent renovations occur that require additional flashing work after initial installation. Units may be added or upgraded, or roofing may be altered. We service those needs also to maintain weather-tightness and ensure warranty coverage whenever applicable. For new construction, re-roofing, additions or alterations, we serve a variety of client needs in multiple states.

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    Verus Building Mechanicsburg, PA

    Large jobs like Verus require extensive man-power and equipment, but also considerable bonding capacity. PSI enjoys significant bonding capacity as a key business strength.

    PSI gave this 350,000 sf office/warehouse structure a cost-competitive, long-lasting roof system with Carlisle SynTec’s Adhered EPDM. Single-ply roofing is perfectly suited for large industrial/manufacturing facilities like this one. Not every company can handle these big jobs. Our bonding capacity enables us to be involved in even the large projects. And our knowledgeable, capable crews can get it done.